MVNDEL-Great Opportunity for profit making using Snapchat

Snapchat is a modern social tool that lets user to share photos, snaps or videos with addition of

drawings or captions . Snaps actually disappear after few second ( 1 to 10 second) which is determined

by the sender. Snapchat offers a stress free sharing mobile-based application where user can share

anything and anytime.

Advertising- a new side of Snapchat:

Snapchat is an application of instant messaging. Digital recorders are being outrun by instant streaming.

The marketer can easily advertise using Snapchat by mute buttons, spam filters, pop-up blockers etc.

Snapchat adds a groundbreaking forum, where people are interested in what you have to say and offer.

Business Application using Snapchat:

Snapchat offers time-sensitive information to customers. As most people rely on their mobile and tablet,

mobile application is the best choice for advertising. If the target customer ‘s age between 13 to 25,

then Snapchat is the best choice for offering something. Because, Snapchat logs over 400 million

messages everyday that includes photos, videos and stories. As snaps available on sender’s device up

to 10 second and new Snapchat Stories feature allows items will be available for up to 24 hours. The

limited time-span makes the Snaps excitement and urgency in the client’s mind.

 Snapchat is used by young customers, it allows some brands to deliver offers and coupons in a

few seconds. Coupons snaps not only reward clients, they provide incentive to bring them back

for more.

 Some companies can use Snapchat to send mobile discount Coupons to customers.

 Some company may add their brand on Snapchat and sent it to their friends. Company then can

track new subscribers with a simple hashtag that reinforces company’s brand.

Snapcash- a new feature of Snapchat:

In the U.S , the person who have a debit card and at least 18 years of age can avail the feature of

Snapcash by Snapchatting. The company made a Snapcash prototype and shared it with group of

square. The feature is easily accessible, fast, and needy and fun also. After entering your debit card send

cash directly to your friend’s account. It is very simple- after typing $ sign followed by amount then hit

the green button.

This makes payment faster and security is also maintained. After introducing the feature of Snapcash ,

they have refreshed and strengthened their privacy policy. When you use the Snapcash facility, you

must see a link new policy along with updated terms of use. They are committed to inform you how they

will collect, use and share your information when you are using their service. They have improved the

policy for Snapcash users. So, they always encourage you to read the privacy policy.

Campus story- A new product of Snapchat:

Their teams have got lots of requests for Our Story at college campuses. So, they developed this new

feature. You will have to turn on location services so that Snapchat can determine your eligibility. Only

Snapchatters whose phones indicate who are in and around the campus. They are able to post and view

Campus story. Though the accurate device’s location can be affected by its operating system and other


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