morgan – Should I delete Snapchat?

The central concept that works behind the popularity of the social media sites is, whatever the

users are sending will remain private, but the concept is not true all the time. Hence whatever

you are sending through your private chatroom can come into public, as whatever goes online

stays online. And that’s the ultimate true; your private moment’s images that you have shared

through, can come back any moment to haunt you. The thought is really scary, and the basic

fact is that whenever you post something online or share something through online apps

and sites you lose the control of selecting its destination, you really don’t have any idea that

whether those images are deleted or still in the cloud.

Nothing is secret and information can be stored as well

Though you use a pseudo name for your Snapchat account but Snapchat knows everything

and you will be surprised to know that they are legally bound to collect the entire

information. For marketing most of the social media apps never disclose the fact, even it is

also said that they can sell those information to other companies as well and those snaps can

be stored for anonymous times. If you are too much involved in online activities then you

must be aware of the fact that there is no privacy, only perceived privacy exists. Same thing

is applicable for Snap chat as well.

Before the image is received by the recipients the image is actually transferred through

several servers and the truth is that those images can be stored in any servers, and it is

a potential threat to the users that there private moment can be the subject of discussion

and observation. Though these social media apps convince the users that everything is

remained secret by them but the truth is that nothing is secret and come into focus anytime,

hence parents must aware their children about the drawbacks of the service and make them

understand that these platforms are not appropriate for sharing sexually indicative images and

texts even your account name is different from your real life name.

You can be the prey of cyber crimes

Without your willing your image can be the promotional pictures for porn sites or obscene

Facebook accounts. Yes this is true, unknowingly you can be the victim of cyber criminals

and you image can be exploited and one day you can find yourself in such an awkward

situation. If you want to take legal steps over the issue you are needed to be ready to spend

thousands dollars. After sending the images the users really don’t have any sort of control

over the images, though we are being satisfied by the thought that the picture will be deleted

after the specified time but according to their privacy policy that images can be stored for an

unspecified time and can be shared by them to other company.

Hence if you are not so smart enough to utilize the app in the proper way then you must

delete this instant messaging app from your device now.

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