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Snapchat has a huge fan base, but still is incorporating new features tally to educate the

people. The recent inclusion to the huge array of features list came with the new discovery.

The discovery feature of the app is said to include entertainment, news and films promos as

well. Snap chat is an app that has made its way in to the market of paid advertisement with the

showing of the trailer of Hollywood movie.

But recently the developers of the app have made up their mind to set up new feature, naming

it discovery. This discovery feature of the app is will include news, advertisement and films

promos as well. And for this the app is having talks with many companies, in the case of news

the app’s authority is having talks with the media giant CNN with a purpose of sharing the their

articles, videos of news content on the discovery feature of the app.

Snapchat’s new discovery

Snapchat is a modern day social networking site with a scope to transfer photos, messages,

videos and voice as well, which is recently added. Many other related apps also provide the

same function, but where is the difference? Difference is visualized with the time bounded

approach of the app. The app transfers all the media files along with messages, but these have to

be visualized within a stipulated time of maximum ten seconds, after which the messages will

disappear into the server of the app.

This is the primary feature of the app, now let go into the secondary feature of the app. The

most recent inclusion to the pile of secondary feature came with the discovery feature; where

there will be news, advertisement and entertainment. And for the news section the authority of

the Snap chat is having talks with media giant CNN, with the aim of sharing their videos and

articles that are relevant to the news.

Importance of news today

Youngsters are prime audience of the most social networking sites, and Snapchat is no

different. But the youth today is not at all into the reading of newspapers or watching news on

television. To change this trend, recently the social media app of Snapchat came up with the

inclusion of news along with advertisement and entertainment. All this come under one head of

discovery of the social media app of Snap chat.

Inclusion of news across the social media platforms will make the youngsters aware of the news,

which they can check on the go as well. And for that the app is having talks with the CNN, with

an aim of sharing their articles, videos and other news mediums. This will definitely be useful for

the target audience of the app to get this news on the go and even they are socializing.

To sum up

Importance of the news can’t be negated in any contexts, but still the youth are not at all into it.

Snapchat has taken up that responsibility of getting the news at a place where mostly spend their

spare time.

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