moove arms-Discover is the latest feature of snapchat and has accumulated praise for its performance

It has been popular for its self-destructive photo messaging feature. Snapchat is generally a

common used name among teenagers and young adults. This mobile application was developed

by Mr. Spielgel and Mr. Murphey a few years ago when they were studying in Stanford

University. When they developed this application, they thought of doing something different. It

was on their mind campus to invent a mobile application that is completely different from other

ones. And they finally succeeded with the app snapchat.

Discover is the newest discovery by the app owners:

After the launch of the app, it took the audiences by surprise. It was out the concept if the

entire human race that such an app could be developed that would share pictures and videos

but their nature would be ephemeral. The stuffs that are shared on the app are basically set

on time and after the time period is over, the stuffs get deleted automatically. The app is all

about it. Until recently, the app was limited to only this but now it has been upgrade to new

version and some new features have been included. Discover is the new feature. This feature has

brought the users closer with the company owners and publishers. After the launch of discover

in the market, the company faces a great success. The discover feature is an innovative step

taken by the company owners. Different brands and channels have come forward to establish

a relationship with the app. The new content enables the media companies to get engaged with

the users by posting summarized versions of their content. Users have to use their fingers for

swiping left and right. On swiping the finger left and right the story will change automatically.

And sliding up the finger the user will be enabled to read the full story. The content of the media

companies continue to get refreshed every 24 hours. And the older news becomes inaccessible.

Maintaining the normal ephemeral nature of the app discover does not allow the images to be

stayed permanently. Discover gives the channel owners the facility to have the partnership with

the app’s owner company. CNN, National Geographic, Fusion, ESPN and many other companies

have come forward to make a partnership with the app. All the media franchises update their

sites through he app.Moove ArmsMoove Arms

To sum up with a Concluding note:

All of the media update their site at the beginning of the day and they keep changing the news.

They keep updating with various current news. And the pieces of news are not permanent

at all. They cannot be accessed after a certain time. The app has garnered the praise of the

public because o the partnership of different media. The media owners have said that they have

noticed that mostly people of 15 to 25 years old use the app and they enjoy the new discover

feature. This is the reason why the media franchises have chosen to publish their news and other

activities on the app.

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