mirror-Now You Can Get News & Advertise in Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular photo messaging. You can share pictures, videos, and massages with your

friends through this app. Objects, shared in snapchat app are called snaps. But sometimes users,

mainly teens are sharing their intimate images, love pictures; that often causes the snapchat

leak. Those private pictures are hacked by the hackers and they spread those adult objects on

various websites. People are getting shocked to see their private pictures in other websites, what

they shared with their friends in snapchat. The first thing a user has to know, what is Snapchat?

In short you can say it a photo messaging app. You can select few seconds for the duration of

your snap. The receiver can view this object only for this selected duration. After that the

snapchat app automatically delete snapchat pictures. The users cannot save those objects. The

app is now a very popular app. The app is now planning a move into news, advertising.

What is Snapchat Discovery?

The snapchat app is now very useful among the youngsters, though it has a lot of mature user

too. Millions of people are now engage in snapchat. They share their emotions through this photo

messaging app. Snapchat authority is trying to utilize this popularity. Wall Street Journal says in

a report that snapchat authority is going to use their app for news and advertisement purpose,

along with the photo messaging. The Journal says that snapchat is going to start a service named

Snapchat Discovery, but it is not clear which name snapchat will use ultimately. There will be

many TV networks, newspapers, magazines in Snapchat Discovery, and the users can view all

the contents and ads through this service. The users of this app are increasing day by day, last

year the total number of user was 11 million, which is now increased to 27 million. The users

send 500 million snaps in a day, one check his account 14 times in a day, and the age of those

users are between 13 to 17 years. So, we can easily understand the increasing popularity of

snapchat app.MirrorMirror

Interested companies

Snapchat is appealing Snapchat Discovery more to the advertiser. As the most of the users are

teenager, teenage brands are more interested to promote their products in this service. Those

brands want to reach to the teenage users as much as they can; they think the new service as a

strong medium. Snapchat is talking with many companies for service, like ESPN, Hearts

(Cosmo. Mag.), Vevo, the Daily Mail, National Geographic, BuzzFeed etc. Snapchat does not

make any comment about it, many other companies also refused to make any comment about

their conversation with snapchat. Snapchat is seeking for companies that are interested in giving

advertise in Snapchat Discovery.

The user will be able to view advertise and news by holding their finger on the button, as they do

to watch other snaps. Those objects will disappear also after few moments. This is a great

opportunity for the users to watch video clips and read publications; users will get many

information and news along with sharing pictures.

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