mirror selfy-The Hack of Snapchat

Snapchat is a communication and sharing app available for Andriod, iOs and iphone

platforms. This app was designed by students of University of Stanford, USA. The aim of this

was app is to provide users a very easy, fast and simple way to communicate directly with

their friends and loved ones. One of the most special features of this app is that a user can

stipulate a time frame for which a photo remains visible to its recipients. The photo becomes

invisible once the time elapses. The idea behind this feature was to provide a secure

environment. After the designated time is elapsed, the photo not only becomes invisible to the

recipient, it also gets deleted from the Snapchat servers.

Truth is stranger than fiction

The reality of Snapchat is different from what the app promises to its users. The teens and

young adults comprise almost 95% of Snapchat users. The self- destruction feature makes

the photos invisible to the recipients and also gets deleted from their servers. This feature

allows the users to send explicit and inappropriate photos and videos because they believe

that the content will vanish within 1- 10 second time frame. The senders of such videos or

photos believe that this app is a James Bond gizmo wherein the message self- destructs.

However, the reality is different. It is alleged that the photos remain somewhere in the

servers. The videos or the photo does not disappear as the app promises. In a Federal Court of

America, Snapchat also confessed about collecting private information of its users. Now the

question arises what does Snapchat intend to do with these content.

In another twist, Snapchat in its nascent stage refused $3 Billion from Facebook in cold cash

for a takeover. The company which kick started in 2011 is yet to make any significant

revenue. It also refused a bid from Yahoo. Although it is commendable for the app founders

to resist such a lucrative offer, the internet world wonders what the founders have in their

mind with an app which has a knack of picking up controversies.Mirror SelfyMirror Selfy


Hundreds and thousands of nude photos and videos appeared on the internet. It was

investigated that the servers of Snapchat were hacked and the private contents loaded onto

the internet. It was revealed in the Federal Trade Commission that the servers of Snapchat

are not as secure as promised. Snapchat admits that the photos and videos shared remain

unencrypted on the device and the recipient can plug the device and play it on their

computers. Further, a recipient can take a screen shot of the snap shared before it disappears.

It can be argued that such methods are beyond Snapchat to control, however, the same

cannot be said about the photos and videos which were hacked and appeared on the net. It is a

huge blow to the reputation of this app which runs on promises of a safe and secure


The founders of Snapchat must pull up their socks and try and resurrect their app. They will

need to build a strong server system which will hinder any hacking. With the $80 Million

raised through funding, the Snapchat team have a job on their hands.

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