Mingebag snapchat cheats-Snapchat is in news for different issues

We are living in age of technology. Social networking sites and various different messaging apps

are very much integral part of our day to day life. Not only we do texting, forwarding images

or video clips to our close ones through them but we can also do other day to day life works.

In recent time one of the most popular mobile applications is Snapchat. It allows us instant

sharing images and videos but can do borrow money from our friends and close ones. We are

surrounded by the chain of different networking sites and instant messengers.

Snapchat always in the news

From the arrival of the app, Snapchat is always in news for different issues. A new controversy

is arising over the issue that church is hearing confession over snapchat. Divorce or marriages

over phone was noticed earlier. We have also noticed the news of pop star Madonna’s split n

with her boyfriend through twitter. But it is really very shocking to hear that confession over

Snapchat is also happened. Recent incident happened when a priest offered to hear confession

over the social media app. According to the Church’s rule digital confessions goes against the

church’s teaching. Theist people are objecting over the issue.Mingebag Snapchat CheatsMingebag Snapchat Cheats

The need for official social networking

It is a fact that social networking sites and apps are meant to be build for connecting with more

people at a time. By using these we can also get connected with our close ones. This is the most

beneficial aspect of the social sites. Religion is very sensitive issue. We must handle it with

proper care. We can understand that the priest must be allowed the process to help the confessor.

But there is always some rules and regulations too and we can’t violate it. According to the

church’s rule book the confession process must be done in front of the priest or behind a divider.

Every incident has some good and bad aspect in it. Now a day we are depending over technology

hugely. One to one interaction is reducing in a great level. Social networking sites have a virtual

appeal in it. But we can’t always live in the virtual world. Secluded life style is a curse. We

are social animal so we must have the interacting ability within us. Social networking sites and

apps are forcing us to live a stoic life. On the other hand there is also a silver lining in it. Those

public who can’t move from their home like ill patients, paralysed people have the scope to

convey their prayer or confessions to the priest through snapchat or these kinds of social apps.

It will be immensely beneficial to them. We have the respect to the old school believers who

want to follow the rules and regulations properly. But the helpful aspect of Snapchat regarding

this incident will definitely cut down the anger of them. If we discuss about our health issue

over phone or with social networking sites with our doctors, so it should also be granted on this

particular issue.

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