Milk for baby-New Service from Snapchat- Add Music Track with Snap Videos on iPhone

This is the age of social networking Medias; and Snapchat is one of the most popular social

networking apps in the world. The main feature of this app is that it is a picture sharing app. The

users can share pictures, videos and messages with their Snapchat friends. Since its origin this

social networking app has possessed a strong popularity, and the popularity is getting increased

with days. The hidden reason of this popularity of Snapchat is its usefulness to the users, and its

updated services. The whole generation is rushing with this app for sharing their emotions

through the pictures and videos, in this photo sharing app.

New service of Snapchat app

The app is getting updated continuously; the features and servicer are getting improved to

provide more facilities and advantages to the users. For that the popularity is also getting

increased among the users. Snapchat has started a new service recently, the users can add music

track with the Snapchat videos. Now you can use your iPhone for this purpose also. This facility

has added some more spice in the attractive Snapchat. People are getting more interest to use this

service, and for that this service has got success. Snapchat has launched many new services like

Snapchat Discover, text chat, video calling facility etc… And all those services are very

important to make the app more interesting. This new music track adding service has made the

app completed. Now the Snapchat videos will be more attractive, the sharer and receiver will

get more interest for this new video service. Generally millions of videos get shared everyday by

the Snapchat users. Some sources say that now this number will be increased more, people will

share more videos as the videos will be more interesting with the music tracks. And the users

could express their emotion clearly by the music tracks. a video along with perfect and

expressive music track is perfect to express the emotions clearly.

Popularity of Snapchat

Within a very short period after its origin this app has gained huge popularity. And this

popularity is getting increased with time. The total number of present Snapchat users is 27

million; this amount was 14 million in a year before. The Snapchat app has defeated all of its

competitor apps, by its superior service and strong popularity. Teenagers are more interested in

this app. A report says that the half of the total Snapchat users are the teenage boys and girls of

the United States, and their age is between 13 to 17 years. This report is quite astonishing. More

than 500 million snaps get shared by the users, everyday. This is the popularity of this app.

The experts are saying that the popularity of this app will be increased more, and there will be no

competitor for this app because the services and features those are getting started by this app, are

really unbelievable. This new service of adding music track with Snap chat videos has got a

huge response from the users, and the app is hopeful for that.

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