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Snapchat provides chance for artists with Geofilter

The most controversial fast running social media apps have just stepped into the usage of

Geofilter specifically for the people of New York and Los Angles. These artworks can be done

by anybody above the age of 18. These artworks will first have to be approved by the authority

of the Snapchat, before it is being socialized.

The authority of the Snap chat has some specific rules and regulation for creating these

artworks, which be one of the most popular in the world seeing the fan base of the app. With a

huge fan base, Snapchat can be claimed one of the pioneers in the market of social media apps.

And the artworks being put into use on such a podium will make your artwork undoubtedly one

of the most recognized one.

Rules and regulations for the art works

Snapchat being one of the most popular apps of the generation, it is clear that the people will

look to get more and more innovations in the feature of the app catch with such a fan base. And

an app like snap chat also delivers it, and now it has came up with the chance for its users of

creating their own geofilters. But there are certain rules and regulation on which the app will

provide approval:

• First of all, the creations should be original.

• The height and width of the artwork should be (1080*1920) pixels.

• The arena of the filtration will have to be specified by the artist, at the time of


• The buffering space should be specifically 149 pixels alongside the picture.

• The artworks shouldn’t be stretched in the buffering space provided by the authority.

• For the benefit of the users the templates of two most popular artwork softwares are

uploaded for the users.

• After all these steps, there is selection panel which is assigned to provide approval to the

artwork to be brought to limelight.

Encouragement for the artists and designers

This geofilter feature will definitely be an encouragement from the point of the artist and

designers. Provided the artwork is approved by the authority of the snapchat and is original, the

artist and the designers will get a huge morale booster with such an exposure of their artworks.

The artist can also specify the geographical location for which he has designed the artwork.

These images that will be uploaded on the podium of Snapchat will be a great asset from the

side of the creator.

To sum up

People all over the world are using these social media apps, but providing a platform for the art

form for specific geographical location is a very unique concept. This concept was first started

for the people of New York and Los Angles, but later it becomes part of the users of all the

regions. The only constrain of this art work is, it has be specific in size and a buffering space has

to be left alongside, and the art work has to be approved by the authority of the app.

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