mhmmm nope-Atlanta Falcons Launches Its Official Snapchat Account

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing messaging service platform which is known for its

disappearing photos and videos feature. This so called ‘disappearing’ feature makes sure that

the photos and videos shared on the Snapchat get deleted after being viewed by the

recipients. Snapchat has grown so strong in the recent past that it is giving stiff competition

to the traditional social media giant Facebook and popular mobile messaging service. Altanta

Falcons had aptly decided to launch their official Snapchat handle to widen its reach among

the Snapchat users.

Atlanta Falcons To Upload Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The Atlanta Falcons had launched its official Snapchat account last week. Atlanta Falcons

had made its way on the ever growing messaging platform among much fanfare. Very soon

the Atlanta Falcons die-hard fans would be provided with highly engaging behind-the-scenes

photos in a fun and entertaining way on Snapchat. Atlanta Falcons had urged the potential

fans and foot ball team supporters to add its account on the Snapchat in order to receive the

Snaps from Falcons.




More Reasons To Rejoice For Atlanta Falcons

Fans on the Snapchat messaging platform could search for the handle Falcons on Snapchat

in order to locate its account. The fans who would be following the Falcons can expect player

updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes updates access to all the things with a fun twist.

Snapchat is expected to allow the Atlanta Falcons to take photos or record videos as well as

upload the stories which would be available for the dedicated fans for just 24 hours.

Atlanta Falcons Enjoys Associating With The Fans

Atlanta Falcons is expecting to receive wide amount of snaps back from their fans. This could

be anything or random snaps which have nothing to do with the team. Engaging and

interacting with the fans is the key reason that it is widening its presence on the social media

mobile apps. Snapchat provides a simpler and quick solution for reaching out to the fans and

get valuable feedback from them in the terms of photos and videos which gets deleted

instantly without any fuss. Even the fans would love to show their pride for their beloved

team through the help of snaps.

Atlanta Falcons Success Could Bring More Official Accounts

Social celebrities and other famous personalities as well as popular brands already had made

their presence felt on the Snapchat by uploading entertaining photos and videos of their own.

The success of the Atlanta Falcons would pave the way for the introduction of more such

official accounts.

Snapchat does presents a huge potential for the advertisers and the brands with its robust 27

million users and most the Snapchat users are found to be spending large amount of online

on its messaging service. It has been found that more than half of its users are in the age

group of 13-17 years which shows that posses a huge amalgamation of young and tech-savvy

generation. It is the most appropriate place for promoting the brands in the modern time.

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