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Why the misconception of “just sexting”?

This misconception is in part, due to the nature of the photos and videos shared over the app.

They are temporary. As a result, people have the tendency to share inappropriate content

without getting anxious about the consequences.

But lots of survey conducted among users between the ages of 180 to 25 shows that about 60

percent of the people use SnapChat mainly to send funny and entertaining images. In fact this

temporary and ephemeral nature of the content makes the user feel comfortable to share silly

thing more than sexts.
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The real story according to survey:

In fact, the texts and photos that would generally seem too informal to send over other social

media platforms, finds their place in SnapChat (for example: images of cats). The survey

revealed only 1.6% of the majority use SnapChat for sexting purposes regularly while it is

mostly awkward images and selfies sharing for the rest.

However the study did accept that some people who responded may be not revealing the

amount of sensitive photos and content that has been shared by them. Whatever the matter be,

the general consensus is that SnapChat is generally used for sending fun and peppy content

that might not be shared over any other messaging platform.

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