Snapchat opens up a new horizon with Discover – mehruufjehrhjr

Snapchat’s new feature transformed completely it from a pure messaging service into a full-

blown media destination. Selective stories from media partners like CNN, Yahoo, Vice, ESPN

now can be followed through discover.

Discover is Snapchat’s new venture which will play a new role in the world of media. Various

content publishers’ sites can easily post their articles with the help of it. Brands can also buy

advertisements through discover and all those adds will directly attached to the category of

“gorgeous advertisements”. It opens up a new horizon. A whole new dimension is added to this

application with the attachment of discover within it. This signifies something bigger in the

grand scheme of Snapchat’s evolution.
Snapchat opens up a new horizon with Discover

How to use:

From the time of its birth it is the ideal app for pushing videos around. It allows capturing video

in a decent period of time and also allows sending it with a single swipe of finger just with in a

second or twice. Generally the storage capacity is very short of this application. You can also

monitor how long the forwarded data will visible in the server or not. After the addition of

Discover within it, now the news related content can visible throughout the whole day. Most of

the users of this application are young ones who have the fetish towards attracting

advertisements articles. Various short web articles can be seen throughout the day. Brands can

also put their exciting offers into them. It is very easy to run. Both iOs and Android allow it to

run smoothly. Indirect promotions of events can also be done with it. Snapchat also found the

company position in great high. The company will take good revenue through the

advertisements. The revenue amount will also come from the various media partners.

Trustworthy factor is also there. CNN, ESPN, Yahoo those are the most popular and trustworthy

channels among the globe. Addition of those channels toward Snapchat’s Discover will

definitely push the bar also for them.

Credibility factor is one of the most important elements for the new companies. Improvisations

are made to attract the user’s attention towards the new application. It is surely a smart call for

the company official to serve those channels name in the same platter where Snapchat’s discover

is also served. It is also the one identity which the app provides you. The main idea of the

company is to share image instantly and the self dissolve content within it. You also can build a

daily story base of the news articles and various brand promotions articles or advertisements in

it. No other instant messaging applications have this quality. You can only enjoy this service

with Snapchat. This is also a good trick to grab the user’s attention more towards them. People

who are till not in the user list of Snapchat. They will also know from their friend’s circle about

the beneficial aspect of Snapchat. So come and download this app and enjoy fullest with highest

level of service.

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