Seems like a decade ago that you were jumping with joy at the prospect of having opened an

account in the so-called “social network” starting with of course the very legendary Facebook.

Gradually it went on to become a place where you can make new friends, catch up with old

ones, express your views and even gather or become followers! This new concept caught on like

a forest fire with everyone asking for your profile details instead of your contact info the first

time you meet them and you religiously devoting hours at a stretch “commenting”, “liking” and

“poking” within a virtual “wall”. But as the saying goes, all good things must, at some point of

time, come to an end and be replaced by something better; in this the better being the very hip

and happening messaging apps like SnapChat. Looking back, it seems that messaging apps

overshadowing social networks should be anything but shocking. Every perfect idea has cracks

showing underneath after a while and the same holds true for social networks.

More personal, more secure

While with social networks, you were always right at the limelight of criticism every single

time you make a comment or post a controversial picture, with a messaging app, you get to be

yourself. You can be as radical with your thoughts as you like and no one will be there to judge

you because you will be the sole owner of choosing whom you would like to share your views

with. Also, hacking into a phone is a lot difficult than hacking into a site and in that regard,

your profile on a social network is a lot unsafe than interacting via messaging app on your

phone. How many times have you had to receive the notification that someone tried to hack your

Facebook profile? This can again be led back to some unknown jerk hiding your “friend list”.

You never have to worry about the matter of security with a messaging app.

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