mega mega mega mega-The news of the deal is completely buzz worthy

Maybe by now the buzz has reached the ear of yours that the app snapchat will soon sign on the

deal of revenue which is worth $19 billion. Some people are suspecting and some are already

confirmed for the heresy. It is not a matter of joke for a company to make a deal of such high

revenue. There is existence of so many apps around the world. Very few of them have become

successful to make a deal like this. Actually before this, no smartphone application were so able

to make a deal like this before. But this app has managed to do this.

Important feature that plays behind the success:

According to many critics, there are various reasons that play behind the success of the app. the

most important feature of the app was enough to have taken to the height where it is now

situated. The main and best feature of the app is that this app comes with the capacity clicking

and sharing the photo with others and the best part is that, those images will not be saved. The

click will disappear soon after the recipient is done with viewing the photos. The app does not

allow the recipient to see the photos as the time is over. Some people are assuming that this

brilliant feature has made the application worth of the deal. The same rules and regulations are

totally applicable for the videos that are shared with friends and others.

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The features make the app so appealing to the users:

There are some other important and brilliant features included in the app snapchat. let us chart

them down one by one. The first and the foremost feature is its discover feature. This feature is

newly added feature on the app. The app is looking forward to the near future with the best of

their discover. Many big companies are approaching the app because of its brilliant concept. The

news and the stories that will be updated on the app, will stay for only a day, after that,

concerning the app’s rule, they will disappear as the other photos and videos. The app owners

and developers are looking forward in the hope that their new endeavor to put music will work

out like previous plans and schemes. Many music companies and apps are approaching the app

for the hope that their promotion will be in an even better way.

To sum up:

The audiences are extremely happy for both of the news. First they are happy for the inclusion of

the music on the app and secondly they are happy for the news that their favorite app is going to

make a deal of such a great amount. The amount is really not a small one. Those who have a

slightest idea that what this amount is like and what it means, can assume that this app has

climbed a step of the stair of success. Success became possible for the app only because of its

hard effort and service for the users.

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