meg – Music is the all new feature of the app snapchat

Music is a remedy to a hurt soul. It seems magical when an image and a video are consisted with

music. People love to hear music and when it is compacted with music it become appealing to

the viewer. And the team snapchat has accepted the notion as well. The CEO of the company

Evan Spielgel has hinted towards the plan to have more fun with music enabled in his company’s

popular messaging application. Daily Trojan has reported that Spielgel has said that music is

appealing to all of us and it was our concept to include music when we were scheming for the

app’s development.

Music related features of the app:

One of the main feature of the app is the pictures are with little life expectancy. They disappear

as soon as the time limit is over. During the message appears on the screen of the ser, he or she

will have to maintain the touch with the screen or the message will not be seen. As the message

is viewed, it will get automatically deleted. The messaging app has recently added several music

features. The app includes the label of Warner Music Group signing on as one of the launch

partners for the app discover feature. Lately Madonna has launched her new music album in the

app. People have stated to enjoy the latest feature of the app. Now they are enabled to edit their

images with music and this is definitely an added advantage to all. After judging by Spielgel’s

statement the app snapchat is mulling over more music related features. At the present, the

music on your phone is completely non-differentiated. Now you are enabled to search and play

more music. It can be played from four or five different places. They almost cost the same and it

is also of high frequency.

Discover features music now:

Mr. Spielgel believes that all the music in the music store is nothing but shit. But the music

available on the app is way too different. He does not want to build a music store but he aims

to upgrade the app with music features. He wants to turn the app into a platform for music

launch and music sharing also. Snapchat has held a talk with Vevo for music features and they

have agreed to become a partner with them on discover which is the latest feature of the app.

Snapchat pics are going to get featured with music and it is believed by all that this new feature

will attract more people. And this will keep the users more engaged with the app. The app has

come to the market with more promising features. The owners of the company are involved in

the constant effort for the advancement of the app.

The app is now trying to update the new version in such a way that the users may find more

facilities. Now along with photo sharing and video sharing there will be music added to it as


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