meandmyself28 – Past, Present and Future of SNAPCHAT

Glorious Past:

Today’s world famous photo messaging software SNAPCHAT was launched by Reggie Brown, Evan

Spiegel and Bobby Murphy the three students of the Stanford University in July 2011 for the iOS

platform. This application was developed to take photos, record videos, draw and write text on them

and to send them to the limited and selected contacts decided by the users. The files of photos, videos

etc which are sent by the users to the controlled and restricted number of contacts are known as Snaps.

The user can put a time limit on these Snaps so that after that specified period of time the Snaps can

disappear from the device of the recipients and from the SNAPCHAT server also. At this early age it

was known as Picaboo and the mascot was known as Ghost face Chillah. Later it was re launched under

the name SNAPCHAT in November 2012. After getting the popularity it was also released for

windows users.

Fast Moving Present:

After several developments today SNAPCHAT has become an application with full of exciting features

specially designed for the modern users. During the viewing period of the Snaps the users can take the

screen shots of them. Using SNAPCHAT STORIES one can create the link of the shared contents

which can be viewed unlimited times. SNAPCASH features helps to transfer funds safely to the contact

members of the users’ device. SNAPKIDZ specially developed for the users under 13 years of age with

some restrictions of usage.

Towards Future:

As the time is passing SNAPCHAT is getting more famous among the users of the photo messaging

applications. It is really not a miracle. It is fact that SNAPCHAT is taking big steps towards the

development of its business by hiring several successful businessmen. The ideas of those persons are

making the company of SNAPCHAT bigger and bigger every month. It is reported in the Business

Insider that the SNAPCHAT has confirmed the hire of Sean Mills as the Head of Original content

based in New York City. According to the information of Business Insider Mr. Mills has already

completed his first week of his job in this post. Sean Mills is a very successful person in his career.

Before joining SNAPCHAT he was the president of a famous company where he increased the

company’s views in a very rapid and high rate from 1 lac 50 thousand to more than 60 million per

month. Before this he was the president of the Onion where he worked for about eight years and

boosted the readership of this company nearly to 10 million people. He was also the CEO of

The company SNAPCHAT has planned to grow the video content division in the New York City under

the responsibility of Mr. Sean Mills. It is reported by a genuine source that Peter Hambly who was

hired from the famous CNN in the month of April to head up the News division of SNAPCHAT will

also be based on the New York office near Time Square. It is also reported that although Mills and

Hambly will share the same office but Hambly would not be reporting to Mills. Beside these

SNAPCHAT will grow its sales team in the New York City office.

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