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Security loop holes are utilized by the hackers of Snapchat

Social media crimes are increasing day by day, but the developers of the app might not have the

same motive as the social media miss users have. Like all other social media Snapchat too is

seeing the increasing numbers of inappropriate usage of the app. This is not where the matter

ends; the hackers have also joined this party with the development of the third party apps, which

are responsible for the security lapse.

Snap chat is an application which sends images, videos and instant messages to people who are

within their friend circle. This videos, pictures and instant messages that are sent are named as

snaps, which vanish after a stipulated time and drops into the original server of the application,

as said by the owners of the company.

Lapse of Security

Security is one of the prime important factors for the popularity of the app. And if that app is a

social media app, it is sure the security will have to be taken care of from the first day. In case

of Snapchat, this lack of security has grasped all the news. The authority of the app claims that

with the increasing usage of third party apps like the Snapspy, Snapbox and etc. by the hackers

were probing into the original server of the app, which has resulted in such a huge lapse of


Usage of the app

An application is never made keeping in mind the ways of loop holes, indeed they are made

specifically keeping in mind the utility context of the people. But some of the people are getting

prone to certain loop hole of, and uses that very minor loop to carry out a big crisis like. In the

case of Snap chat the same chains of events have been followed by the hackers.

Official regulations

The US Regulatory authority has fined the app for misguiding the users of the app, which has

been settled by the authority of Snapchat. And according to the instruction of the US Regulatory

authority the security is remodeled, to sway away from any further security lapse in near future.

To sum up

This unique application of Snapchat came to market with a USP of vanishing the snaps that are

being send by the people within a few seconds like bubbles of soda that drops into the original

server of the app. And after judging the users tally it, can be said that this application is breeding

place for most of youths of world.

Youth love everything to be fast, and they also want to enjoy new things every second which is

the reason why Snapchat app is so hugely popular among today’s youth. Seeing this popularity

the hackers started to find some loop holes, and they indeed found some with the usage of third

party apps.

The third party apps are one of the weapons that the hackers have used to create a lapse of

security arrangements made by the app. Not only that, the app has also posted this in various

websites with username, password, phone and snaps.

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