Over 100,100 snaps easily hacked, Snapchat refuses to take blame-mathiaas94 hmu

The newest social app in the market is grabbing everyone’s attention by making the front pages

everyday but for all the wrong reasons. It seems like snapchat would definitely be the greatest

example for the phrase from the frying pan and into the fire as the app stirs up one shocking

controversy after the next. While the key attraction for trying out this app instead of the biggies

like Hike or WatsApp was the promise that no matter what one shares, be it images or videos, it

would disappear within 24 hours of viewing them, the app might not have made good on its

word. As the news of the snapchat leak hit the ears of its rapidly growing number of users, it

was expected that all the creators of the app could have done in the least was apologize.

However, more shocks were to follow as the people behind the app put all the blame on some

third party app.

What’s Snappening?

The incident that could potentially destroy the reputation that snapchat has been building

towards has been termed aptly as the “snappening” by the very masterminds behind the

snapchat leak. The whole reason as to how the hackers got their hands on the innumerable

personal pictures of users of this particular app is the fact that when the app had boasted to be the

first social chat room to introduce concept such as disappearing photos, it’s creator did not think

it through properly. And because the concept was far from full-proof, third party apps such as

Snapsaved created an array of backdoors via which the users can choose to save them in the

pictures in their respective devices before they get deleted by the host app. All the hackers

needed to do, was hack into the database of the mentioned third party application to download as

many pictures as they could.

Possible lawsuits for users

While the original idea for the app initially being developed as a sex chat app did not really

materialize as planned, the unique concept of self-destructive photos did invite the users of this

app to share photos and videos that might be a little too-revealing by normal standards or in any

way compromising. While the users did not think twice before sharing such pictures through the

chat room, now that many of their pictures were hacked into and is being threatened to be

released in the public, there is a very good chance that many of the users, who are mere

teenagers, maybe sued in the future for offense such as child pornography if the pictures are to

show up out in the open.

The famous blame game

Now that snapchat has no way to wriggle out of the very mess that its lack of security has

produced, the only way out it can think of is putting the blame on someone else and that is

exactly what the creators of the app is doing. Instead of owning up to its failure in launching

measures to curb such invasion of its users’ privacy, it has gone on record to say that the entire

blame is to be put on third party apps and they are not responsible.

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