many tears shed 4 u do you like my red hair style – Why Snapchat is not in Windows Phone

Snapchat has weaved its charm all over the world with its ephemeral photo sharing features but unfortunately the users of windows phones are still now deprived from the facility of using the snapping power of snap chat and from using the tons of royalty free images. This messaging app opens up a new world of exuberance, merriment and knowledge but the door to fun and amusement is still now close for the users of Windows phones.
Many Tears Shed 4 U Do You Like My Red Hair Style

Third party unauthenticated apps of snap chat are removed

If you are an old user of Windows phone then you must had noticed that there were several

third party app of Snapchat in the app store of Windows phone, which were removed after

the scandalous incident of Sony pictures hack. The third part Apps of the company were been

blamed for the incident and at that time the Windows and snap chat both decided to eradicate

these apps from the store to prevent any blunder in the future. Through the Central Reports of

Windows they gave confirmation upon the subject of eradicating the third party app and by

the end of the previous year those apps were removed successfully.

The U.S based company does not make any official app for the Windows phone that means

the owners of such phone cannot download the Snapchat. As a consequence they fall into

the trap of the alternative options like 6snap. Unlike the main version of the app this one was

compatible to the Windows phone. However at this moment windows users will be affected

by this decision of Snap chat, despite losing a small amount of users base for this reason, the

admin of the sites are quite strict with this third party app as they do not want to compromise

with the security of the existed users after these two major blunders that caused by the third

part apps.

Why not Snap chat is launching a compatible windows version?

Now the question arises despite having such immense success in the niche of online

messaging app why Snapchat is not generating their windows version. People are quite

puzzled over the fact that why snap chat is not taking any sort of initiative in order to produce

a compatible app for the windows phone.

According to some experts of this field this might be a marketing strategy that is driven by

both Windows and the company. But the main concept behind such notion is still now quite

vague. May be Windows is waiting for the high time when the success rate of this messaging

app will be on the top, and by using their popularity Windows will launch its new phone by

adding the additional feature of having snap chat. According to a rumor this instant photo

sharing app can also come as an inbuilt application on this Windows phone.

No matter what is the reason behind this, people are eagerly waiting for the day when snap

chat will introduce a version that will be compatible to the operating system of Windows

phone. And if you go by the latest report the day may soon arrive, but at this moment we can

just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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