mannnzz as brown as matte-Snapchat to introduce new “Discovery” feature as a money-making tool

While the founders of snapchat, the latest craze where messaging apps are concerned, claimed

proudly that they will come up with a profit-making scheme in the future for sure, when their app

made headlines all over the world when they refused to be sold into the hands of the king of the

smart apps jungle – Facebook, many raised an eyebrow at them. However, three years later, the

scenario seems to be taking a turn for the better for the future of this social app and it seems like

the founders will be proving their claim after all. After the unprecedented success of the ad trial

that was conducted by the application, even though viewing the ad cum movie trailer was a

voluntary choice given to the users, the creators have decided to introduce a new feature called

the “discovery” feature in this application that would stream in latest television and movie clips

as well as other ads and news articles for the users to view.

What is the “Discovery”?

Discovery is a feature all set to launch in the month of November within the snapchat app itself

that could potentially bring gold home to the founders of the app, or so they hope. Talks are

going on with a number of media firms and advertisement houses to be on board with project

Discovery. This features aims to enable the users of the app to view these different forms of

advertisements simply by clicking and holding down the ad they wish to watch. Hence, in

addition to sending pictures that automatically disappear after being viewed, the users will also

be able to view videos and articles whenever they want through this feature.Mannnzz As Brown As MatteMannnzz As Brown As Matte

Why would ad companies be interested?

Despite the shaky start in the world of social apps, snap chat has managed to widen its reach

among the public and according to Researcher comScore already has about twenty seven million

users hooked on to this app in Japan alone. Another source in the Wall Street Journal has

published the statistics that about five hundred million pictures get shared on via snap chat on a

daily basis, among which fifty percent belong to users below who are teenagers. Needless to say,

these teenagers are always stuck to their smart phones or iPhones and habitually check into the

app at least fourteen times a day. All these positive prospects have attracted various media and

ad companies to consider a merger with snapchat regarding their new feature.

Hopeful attempt at profit-making

While promotional competitions have already been introduced earlier by companies like

GrubHub and Taco Bell through the app, they have done so without a dime charged to the users.

This time around, with the introduction of the Discovery feature, snap chat is looking into

commercial ad business to strictly generate a profit. With its rivals like WhatsApp already

charging subscription fee from its users, it is high time for snap chat to step up its game and

prove to them they are here to stay.

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