The unique feature of Snapchat that made it popular among the common mass and the

technology-obsessed generation is the appearing and the disappearing videos and photos. The

logo of Snapchat, Ghost Chillah reflects the feature of the app as the Snapchat pictures and

videos vanish after sometime just like the ghost in the logo. However, the ghost of the app

Snapchat is friendly but faceless may be indicate to indicate the diversity of Snapchat. The

question that bothered people all over the world is whether all the pictures and the videos sent

via Snapchat gets deleted permanently or it could be retrieved by the users or the officials of the


Leaking of pictures

The leak of millions of photos of the users ushered a sense of doubt in the minds of the people on

the fact that whether the Snapchat pictures and videos really get deleted. The Snapchat leaked

pictures circulated in many websites online and many people claimed that the servers of the

company are being hacked or the company itself is responsible for the leak of the pictures. Snap

chat however dismissed all the claims and blamed it on the users for using the third party apps

which was responsible for the leaking of the pictures.

A legal warrant can reveal an unopened snap

A recent blog post by Snapchat’s officer of safety and trust revealed that Snapchat can access

the images and videos sent by the users even before it is opened by the recipient. But the official

of Snapchat claimed that the company will never hand over the photos or the videos until and

unless they receive a court order. According to him, the Electronic Communication Privacy Act

obliges them to produce the photos shared to the requesting agency along with a court order.

This however ensures the privacy of the users as the snaps will never be revealed to anybody

without a warrant.

How the photos can be retrieved?

The official of Snapchat claimed that they had to furnish some of the unopened snaps to the law

enforcing body against a valid warrant. But the necessity to furnish a legal warrant in order to

view the unopened snaps guarantees the privacy of the users. Snap chat had proved that it can

go to the highest level to protect the privacy of the users. Some forensic experts however claimed

that the photos that get auto deleted can be retrieved from the phone of the user. Police can

always issue warrants to seize the phone of a person which can be easily analyzed by forensic

firms. The forensic experts claimed that unlocking the photos that are deleted is not at all

difficult and can be easily done by anybody.


Some sources however confirmed that the app Snapchat works exactly as it has intended to but

the photos can be retrieved with a new app called SnapHack Pro which allows the users to save

the photos without notifying it to them. If the recipients take a screenshot of the snap in order

to save it, it is generally notified to the users but this app does not even hint when the recipients

save the snap.

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