Snap chat, the new age protocol for social communication

Modern age is not only about welcoming the new inventions with a wide open heart, but also

approve each change with biding adieu to all the conventional stereotypical mind set. The

modernity is brought not only by the day by day inventions, but also from the modern mentality

which begets modern thoughts in wider amount. Well, there are tons of positive outputs what

you will obtain from the modern age; at the same time there are some certain banes, what you

have got to face eventually which is just the inseparable gift of this modern decade!! One of such

banes, what you almost compelled to accept is the lack of chance to spend times for your own

sake. Standing in the modern century, you can hardly expect to chop out some precious moments

from your ultra busy work schedule which you can spend on chitchatting with your closed ones

or hanging out with your beau. Hence, the communication gap is eventually triggered from such

uninvited situation, which not only set you apart from any sort of social gathering, but also

snatches your inner tranquility and fills your heart with an immense void. The solution lies in

either facing such situation quietly or to grapple with all such odds to overcome such conspiracy

of the time. Well, the modern age people find the second one, more reliable and hence the

technology takes place to kick off all such obstacles. The cell phone communication has been

appeared as a miraculous way, which wins over the distance and help people to get connected as

long as they want. Snapchat is the latest wow addition to this. Have a look-

What is snap chat?

As the titular significance indicates, the snapchat is nothing but a mobile phone application,

which allows attaching pictures or any video clips along with a text message. This cell phone

software is installable to any high quality android phone or smart phone. This latest application

has added much more fun and creativity to the conventional mobile phone chit chat. Of course

the software makes the text message communication much easier on the one hand, on the other

sheds off the monotony from the entire mobile phone chit chat.

The certain software brings a lot of positive effects along with its revolutionary advent to the

modern society. Basically, though, the cell phone communications enables to make contacts

between people from all around the world, but sometimes the absence of any face to face

communication makes the conversation very dull and monotonous. This eventually leads people

to lose interest from any sort of mobile phone communication. In result, the communication gap

increases. But, the arrival of the snap chat, somewhat makes the communication a little bit fun

by adding the clips or pictures along with the text messages.

Though the software is amazing one for all the modern century people, but there are some certain

draw backs also, which you can’t ignore just at a drop of a dime. The facility of sending

snapchat screenshot or any snapchat videoclip sometimes invite the unwanted complication, if

someone licks any private picture or video over the internet. This may ruin someone’s life

Well, it’s human responsibility to keep control over their ill motives. After all, this is nothing but

software which gets operated by the human brains. Hence, the basic education is needed the most

to enjoy the bon of snap chat communication to the fullest.

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