make friends online phone book free chatrooms site flirt chat now-Snapchat new discovery with entertainment, news and advertisement.

It is said that social media is virtual space were people get to know about others and in a similar

manner as they also let everything known to the other people within the virtual space. And

this process is very innovative where the users might get to know something new about your

common friend too. And if this process of sharing, when is done within a stipulated time,

suppose 10 seconds it is even more apt in today’s context. That is made possible by one of the

revolution in the arena of social media apps with the popularity of snap chat.

If one app provides such a feature which will allow you to see the picture for a limited time then

it vanish and drop into original server, you will definitely find it innovative. Now coming to the

feature tally of snapchat not only it allows the pictures to vanish after a certain stipulated time, it

also allows that picture to stay with you with the, with the screenshot feature of the app.

Discover with Snapchat

Snapchat is a fast app of the present era, but its discovery it not known to people. A few months

back snap chat made its debut into the world of paid advertisement, with the trailer of a newly

made Hollywood film. With such a big user base, it is definite that the advertisers will get

attracted and want to spend some money with it. On the other hand the company too will show

signs of earning some revenue with this company. So, to keep in mind both, the company has

incorporated a new feature into the tally and named it as the Discovery.

In this snap chat discovery section which will have TV clips, advertisement and news coverage,

these completely new options for the users of social media.Make Friends Online Phone Book Free Chatrooms Site Flirt Chat NowMake Friends Online Phone Book Free Chatrooms Site Flirt Chat Now

People are made aware

With the setting of such a feature tally, snapchat is still looking to make adjustment and looking

to attract more and more users. This feature that is rumored to come up within a few days, the

company is definitely looking to make business, but the viewpoint of users has also been kept in

mind very appropriately.

The main functions of the app is sending messages, snapchat photos and videos and with it now

they are looking to incorporate new feature like snapchat discovery, which definitely educate

the people more. The news and advertisement are one of the ways to educate people and in such

a context when they don’t have the time to read newspapers and follows news on television this

will definitely be one of the best ways provide all information under one head.

Now with the recent deals with Yahoo the company is said to have more unreleased yet. More

importantly the company is said to have rejected the deal of the social media giant Facebook.

The recent discover app of snapchat the media houses too has shown interest in ties up with

billionaire social media according to various source. It is said that a handful of 10-12 companies

have shown their interest in tying up with snap chat.

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