make a fake local picture mate only-Snapchat Soon To Bring News Content On Its Messaging App

Snapchat is a hugely popular self –destructing photos and video messaging app in the mobile

applications market. Owning to its wide reach and millions of active users Snapchat is

considering to making a solid move in the new delivery business. This successful startup is in

talks with various advertisers and media companies in the past few weeks to introduce news

based service. Snapchat had tentatively named its news delivery service as ‘Snapchat

Discovery’ which would show content and ads to the Snapchat users.

Advertisers Gets Excited With Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat had reportedly held talks with several media companies which included the

newspapers, magazines and television networks for providing the content for its ambitious

Snapchat Discovery. These talks had culminated on the positive note and a lot of those news

content providers had shown an active interest in the Snapchat’s service.

MailOnline which is popular news website of the British newspaper called the Daily Mail is

seen as one of the potential news provider by the Snapchat officials. However the MailOnline

had declined to make any comment on this progress.Make A Fake Local Pic Mate OnlyMake A Fake Local Picture Mate Only

How the Snapchat Discovery Works?

The Snapchat users could use the Snapchat Discovery to read the daily editions and articles

of the supported publications along with watching video clips of the television shows and

movies by simply holding down a finger on the screen. Once the user had watched or read the

news or media content present on the app it would disappear from their app just like it

happens with the images and other snaps.

Snapchat is willing to sell spots to the advertisers for posting their news on its messaging

network. This would provide a viable stream of income for the Snapchat and it would be

delight for its investors.

Snapchat about to bring First Revenue with News Content

This simple and effective news delivery service could provide the Snapchat with its first

revenue in the last three year. It should be noted that some businesses like Taco Bell and

GrubHub already uses the Snapchat network to deliver special offers and contests to the

customers. Snapchat Discovery in effect is the first paid promotions on the app. Strong User

Base Suggests Huge Potential

Snapchat is growing strong with each passing month and its users had rose at a dramatic pace

of 11 million a year ago to a stunning 27 million. Snapchat is making its service more

appealing to the advertisers by joining hands with the professional content providers. It is

interesting to that Snapchat had spurred $3 billion acquisition offer by the social media giant

Facebook in the recent past.

Snapchat also brings a huge potential to the business for the advertising point of view.

Currently it has been noted that its users sends more than 700 million snaps each day.

Snapchat users mainly compromises of the users aged between 13 to 17 years and an average

user checks his account 14 times a day. Snapchat is looking to cash in on its rising number of

young and tech savvy users by allowing the marketers to advertise on its messaging platform.

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