maile photos site leak – Snapchat Discover- A Concept to Cater Content Based Information

Snapchat’s ideology to innovate and to always tap into new dimension of possibility by creative

decision making is what which draws attention of end-users and media. Recently they have

launched its new Discover platform through which they can distribute and push contents in end-

user’s devices. With launch of this fascinating service, Snapchat has extended its wing from just

being self-destructive media sharing service to content viewing platform. It’s again move

towards delivering premium content to end-user but in the format which is customizable by the

end-user. This new content delivery service is launched in collaboration with giants like ESPN &

Food Network. Snapchat leak does give a lot of popularity apart from hampering the company’s

brand image. After Snapchat leak there is significant increase in Snapchat’s user subscriber

base. So the company is taking advantage of its out spun popularity and delivering featured

content of five to ten videos endorsed by its media partners.
Maile Photos Site Leak

Association with other channels

With launch of Discover they have also rolled-out their in-house news and content distributing

channel along with Discovery, CNN, Comedy Central, National Geographic and Cosmopolitan

channels. The editorial team is very selective in the selection of news and information as it

doesn’t want to bore or turn-off its users. These all are advertisement inclusive channels which

are updated periodically in 24 hours and provide bundle of endorsing brand’s top news and

stories. These all stories are short lived and will go away in a short period of time. But

researchers are in dilemma as the age range of target audience is in the slab of 13 to 25 mostly so

will they find the time to see a video like the crisis in Ukraine or will they hop into a video to try

out new cooking recipe. If this approach from Snapchat clicks than major news provider

junctions likes Google, Facebook will be in a lot of pressure to innovate and combat this move.

This could also mean major revenue lost from them in advertising front.

Reaching the mass

It is also happy news form advertiser’s stand-point as they too could get platform like Discover

through which they can reach to millions of techie young people in one shot. But they should

also be careful for the content they put-up as these age can have very limited tolerance and have

very diverse choices. So advertisers should focus on putting up and packaging their content

which will be eye catchy for them to view them without swiping or skipping it. Focus should be

on creating limited span ads which indulges senses of these young targeted audiences. Madonna

is extremely popular among younger generations and her debut song on Discover platform was

cherished by all the people around. This type of attempts resonates the quality and priority of

people who are following Discover. So, ad-makers have do have other platforms like Google or

Facebook if they don’t feel like their content will be worthy in Discover considering the

demographic limitation of the platform. Discover demands active participation in terms of user

engagement and user preferences or else the content could be easily skipped by the recipient.

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