Rashad Deihim In Custody For Alleged Snapchat Assault

A 19 year old boy has been accused of kidnapping and raping a minor girl and leaving her

for dead. This devastating news came to the horror of the residents of North America. Once

again Snapchat, one of the most popular social media app find itself in the center of another

controversy. Snapchat was used by the accused and his friend to make a horrifying video

snap which showcases the brutality they conferred upon the 16 year old girl.

Accused Boy Faces Multiple Charges

The 19 year old accused is named Rashad Deihim had turned himself in after a manhunt was

activated by police officials to look out for the culprit. He is facing multiple charges which

include assault with the attempt to rape, indecent assault, kidnapping and battery on a person

over 14 as well as posing or exposing a child in a sexual act. Deihim has confirmed that he

had not performed this heinous act alone.

Deihim and his 18 year girlfriend Kailyn Bonia had deliberately asked their 17 year friend

to record and upload their assault on the minor girl to the social sharing app Snapchat. It is

said a friend of the victim saw this indecent videos of assault and told her father, who later on

called the police. Victim’s friend is being credited with saving her life.

Snapchat Video Reveals Nasty Details of Assault

The brutality showered upon the 16 year old girl extremely violent in nature. One of the

videos shows that the victim was actually held up by her assailants as she couldn’t stand up

on her own. Police had stated that the Snapchat video shows both Bonia and Deihim taking

turns in brutalizing the victim. Police found the victim under the influence of a narcotic in the

woods behind the Waybright Elementary School. Doctors had to promptly administer two

doses of Narcan in order to neutralize the effect of drugs.

Deihim’s Father Up In Support of His Son

Rashad Deihim had decided to defend himself against the charges implied on him in Lynn

District Court. Deihim was ordered to be held without bail with a pending dangerous trial

ahead of him. His father had faith in his son and asserted that he is innocent and his family

would continue to support him.

His defense attorney had intelligently said that he is not going to try his case in the media

rather he is going to defend himself on a proper forum. He claims innocence in the present

but his past record says otherwise. He has history of violent offences including an assault and

battery charge involving his mother who expresses concerns about her safety.

Furthermore he also has two open serious cases which include a drug charge in July and an

assault and battery charge. Deihim and his girlfriend Bonia are both charged in an assault

case in Saugus. Both Bonia and Deihim are expected to be due back in the Lynn District

court to face the latest charges.

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