Low self esteem girl-Snapchat is lots more than just snapping

Snapchat, the pioneer in the spectrum of ephemeral image sharing app was first introduced

in the year 2011 and in less than four year it is now reigning the social media apps with more

than 50 million active users, this app does not have any desktop version like Facebook and

Twitter, it has only its mobile version for iOs and android operated device and still now the

windows version is not launched. Such limited scope cannot prevent its rise and today it is

the most preferred social app of the generation Z.

They never stop experimenting with their features and after a regular interlude they have been

introducing latest features like Geofilter, Stories, Discovery and few more. Each and every

feature has numerous things to offer into their sacks and they are attractive enough to engage

the users more into their accounts.

Never-ending experiments over the feature have enhanced its popularity

Snapchat has taken a new initiative and added new wings to its success story, from now in

their Discover site Literally Can’t Even will be shown weekly. For the acknowledgement

of the users I must mention that Discover is a platform that Snapchat has launched in the

month of January, 2015. And renowned entertainment and news channels like CNN, ESPN,

and Comedy central are their partners in this. Here the users can find latest stories in the form

of short video clips. Few renowned brands are also utilizing this platform to advertise their

brands. In order to increase the users’ engagement Snapchat has brought this feature and

it is assumed to be an assertive attempt for this startup in order to get an entrance into the

content business when FB and Twitter have refrain themselves from being tagged as a media

company.Is she hot or naw?

The growing utility of Snapchat

Universal was the first one who realized its potentiality and truly this is now one of the

biggest and effective platforms to reach to the young generation rapidly as most of the users

of this social media app are teenagers. Hence movies promos are being broadcasted through

it; Ouija was the first film that was promoted through the platform.

In August of 2014 used this platform to announce the nominees of the video music award

show, before publishing it on other media, hence it is easily assumed that most of the

media houses and other organizations are considering it as the strongest way to connect

to the potential audiences. And after the introduction of Discover feature few well-known

entertainment and news channel have associated with it for showcasing their latest events and

stories every day at exact time like a TV channel.

Snapchat the potential platform for advertising

As per the report of the recent study per day ten billion videos are being viewed through it,

hence it can be said that this is one of the easiest way to share your message and thoughts

through its short videos. And if the content of the video is interesting then you can surely

come under the limelight of audience attention.

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