lost ya horse mate-Throwing caution to the wind

Snapchat is one of the most popular communication and sharing app in the market today for

young users. This app is available in the android, iOs & iPhone platforms. Most the users

include young adults and teens. One of features that made Snapchat a huge hit among users

is the ‘self- destructing’ feature. This feature gives the sender a 1- 10 second timeframe in

which the photo or the video disappears from the recipient’s device. However in reality, the

data is lying somewhere in the Snapchat server.


The app which was designed and released in 2011 found tremendous success in the first two-
three years of its launch. However, trouble knocked the doors of Snapchat when thousands

of photos and videos were hacked from the Snapchat server and appeared on the internet.

It was a big blow to the reputation of the founders because the app promised is users a safe

and secure environment to communicate and share. The self destructing feature allowed the

users lot of boldness and the contents shared were largely inappropriate and illicit. The users

firmly believed that the contents will erase after the stipulated time. However, it was clear

that the truth was far from what was promised to the users. Around 200000 photos in total

were leaked onto the internet in what was a question mark on the safety of this otherwise

super app.Lost Ya Horse MateLost Ya Horse Mate

The Blame

The designers of Snapchat were quick to shift the blame to the developers of third party

app which are used to make the mother app work smoother. Snapchat had previously

warned its users that use of these third party apps jeopardises the security, however, no tight

measures were taken to prevent the use formally. Now the people at Snapchat have decided

to formally inform the users to evade from third party apps. It has been decided that the users

will be intimated through email and also through the application interface. Hence, the blame

of the leaked photos has been totally shifted on the shoulders of these small apps which

support. It is natural that lot of small developers will be affected by this move. It is true that

some developers misuse information like passwords, most of these is harmless and help the

user to work seamless on the app.

One of the third party apps named Snapsaved did take all the responsibilities for the leaked

photos. However, there are lot of other apps which are more secure. Instead of starting a

policy to drive away all the third party apps in the name of security, Snapchat should work

on its own security systems. Asking the users to scale down use of third party app, Snapchat

should concentrate in building a safe communicating environment to share. The founders of

Snapchat should use the funding raised recently into building a strong security system which

hinders any hackers. Not will this strategy allow Snapchat to build a strong foundation for

the future, it will also allow the small third party apps to work parallel with the main app. The

future is bright and the choice is very clear for Snapchat.

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