looks like im eating somthing sour

Why is it so popular?

Suppose you want to show your father your new English teacher. You can click his photo in your

smart phone and send it instantly. Your father will come to know the reason behind your like for

him later via a text. Now there’s no need to get afraid about this snaps as they will be deleted

from the server after a certain time period.
Looks Like Im Eating Somthing SourLooks Like Im Eating Somthing Sour

Awareness speeded up

Snap chat relates the everyday road incidents to your friends. They can have a clear idea of what

is happening around the world. They will be much wise and full of general knowledge. They

can circulate it as they share it more with a group of friends. Snap chat allows sending snaps in

groups of your selected friends too.

Do not blame anyone

Now there is a vulgar side of snap chat. Many teen agers or other people use it to circulate illicit

or obnoxious snaps. You might not like to get shared with that. Sometimes young innocent

buddies are victimized by the snaps of very private moments. This snap chat is named as a

sexing app which abuse people. People get embarrassed by a nasty feeling which leaves them

dirty minded. Finally you need to use this app with due respect to your friends and yourself too

in order to avoid unruly amusement.

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