Parasite apps behind the leaked Snapchat pictures-looking better than most

A very popular social networking SnapChat recently ran into a lot of controversy when the

news of leaked SnapChat pictures hit internet. When asked about the scandalous event,

SnapChat authorities have explained how the illegal parasite applications are at the root of


The “ephemerality” of SnapChat messages:

How ephemeral IS the messages and images exchanged over SnapChat really? The app

promises that the images and content that is sent to the receiver have a maximum staying

limit of 10 seconds after which they vanish. Of course, if a receiver decides to take a

SnapChat screenshot, the content becomes not so impermanent. But even in that case, a

notification is sent to the sender of the particular message, warning him about the screenshot.

However, internet security researchers have confirmed another way these messages can be

saved. If a third party application allows SnapChatters the saving of images on a remotely

based server, the discreetness behind images shared over the app gets compromised. Even

though the practice of using these parasite apps is strictly forbidden in the terms of SnapChat

use, many users do not follow that and hence get victimized.
Looking Better Than MostLooking Better Than Most

Parasite apps and the problems they create:

The parasite clients that analyses the API of SnapChat and then steals away the images by

doing away with the time deletion feature of SnapChat are hard to avoid. In fact, the more

an app popularizes, the more the risks like these increase. And since SnapChat is specifically

known for the exchanging of photos that are quite “private”, these clients find a lot of spicy

things to hang on to.

These parasite apps seem to be everywhere and with attention grabbing taglines stating, that a

person choosing to keep a friend’s pic forever without letting it get deleted with time, should

be using the app. Even in such a securely controlled platform like Android’s Google Play

store, there are a host of applications like Snapbox and Snapcrack which offer the opportunity

of saving Snapchat pictures. These photos are publicly viewable and susceptible to the

whims of hackers.

SnapChat’s measure against the parasite apps:

That is not to say the hugely popular photo sharing app is not doing anything to protect

the user data. All the unauthorized apps are being tracked down diligently from stores like

Google Play and iTunes and being deleted.

They are even looking into offering more secure API to the users so that no such third party

client can be able to break through the protections of SnapChat and post the data shared.

Also, steps like warning Google and Apple to remove apps like this are being taken.

But more importantly, the users need to be more responsible in handling of SnapChat. They

should be aware that in no way they may share their app details with any illegal apps. Even

though there is another problem. The sender may not know whether or not the receiver of his

or her SnapChat picture is using such a parasitic app.


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