look my act move so teen

So, anyhow facebook has been able to hold its market, but it is not possible every time as

all the developers do not sell their app. In November, 2013, according to a popular journal,

facebook tried to take over SnapChat with a big deal of US $3 billion, but the developers

turned down the offer. So, as of now, the competition for the top spot in online social network

has intensified and only time will say who will reach the top. in the meantime let’s take an

overview about the app and the developers.
Look My Act Move So TeenLook My Act Move So Teen

Chances of facebook gaining back the top position

No one can give its answer correctly. Facebook also has many good features and has made

some stunning up gradations in the past. There’s only one way of gaining back the top

position, that is by understanding the needs of the users better than SnapChat.

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