Snapchat is the favorite platform of celebs- both home-grown and others-look at ma chin lol

Like Instagram, Snapchat is also a photo-sharing app but the difference lies in that there is no

photo-filtering options in Snapchat that will make a pretty-average image look dreamy through

the filtering option. Snapchat is about real people sharing their day-to-day snaps with groups

and then letting the snaps get deleted within 10 seconds! There is no pretension about snapchat.

There is no sighing over the ‘apparently’ flawless skin and glossy hair of your friend, as the

images you can share in Snapchat are as flawed, quirky, funny, unique, and memorable as they

can be in reality.
Look At Ma Chin LolLook At Ma Chin Lol

Justin Bieber and his addiction with photo-sharing apps

Justin Bieber wears many feathers in his hat- one of the most sensational music demigods of 21-

st century, controversy’s kid, the arm-candies for hot celebs like Selena Gomez and Miranda

Kerr, and lastly the patron of social media start up involving photo sharing apps.

Recently, Shots of Me- the newest iOS photo-sharing app has been heavily patronized and

endorsed by Justin Bieber. The new app doesn’t involve commenting, so there is no chance of

someone posting any hateful opinion under your photo, and ruining your day.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber is also regularly active in Snapchat and share religiously his

doodled- images with his fans.

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