Will Facebook’s Slingshot Be Able to Compete with Snapchat?

The ephemeral nature of the messages of Snapchat made it popular among the youth worldwide

who preferred snapping than texting. Snap chat offered a platform to the people worldwide to

share what they feel through this user-friendly app where they can snap, record a video, edit

the images and share it with their friends which will last only for a few seconds. The ephemeral

photos and videos vanished in just a few seconds. The users have to hold the screen to enjoy the

ephemeral messages. These appearing and the disappearing messages probably made the app

Snapchat more popular with the people worldwide.

Ephemeral messaging app

The popularity of Snapchat gave a stern competition to other social networking sites like

Facebook. The officials of Facebook admitted that teenagers are spending less time in the social

networking site and prefer to snap and share through Snapchat. The rising engagement of

the teenagers in Snapchat raised concerns for other social networking sites. In order to reach

the teenagers, Facebook even tried to acquire Snapchat for 3 billion dollars cash but in vain.

Snapchat declined the offer of Facebook. Critics claim that Snapchat either have a better plan in

their mind or they do not want to be like Instagram which is another acquisition of Facebook.

Launch of Facebook’s Slingshot

Lately, Facebook launched a new app called Slingshot which is developed by TechCrunch. The

new social networking app launched by Facebook has similar features as Snapchat. The launch

of Slingshot by Facebook raised debate all over the world whether it is the deliberate attempt

of Facebook to gain back the popularity among the teens. However, Slingshot launched by

Facebook has different features than that of Snapchat. Some critics believe that the changes are

desperately attributed to the new app son that it does not exactly same as Snapchat. Slingshot

allows the users to snap, send and react to the videos and the photos. Just like Snap chat even

Slingshot allows the users to edit and enhance the photos with text and drawings. The photos and

videos shared through this app are also ephemeral in nature.

How is Slingshot different from Snapchat?

However, it is not possible to call Slingshot a twin of the app Snapchat as Slingshot has a twist

in some of the features. When a photo or a video is shared through Slingshot, the recipients

will have to sling out a video or photo of themselves so that the photo message can be viewed.

The users will be able to tap on the photos or the videos and react to it instantly with the photo

or a video or they can swipe it to trash. Facebook makes use of the ephemeral trend of photo

messaging to get the grip of the teenage fan base. However, the officials of Facebook claim that

the launch of the app Slingshot is absolutely unintentional and they hope that it will be able to

carve out its niche within a few months of its launch.


Whether Facebook’s Slingshot will be able to get as much popularity as Snapchat and whether it

will be able to give a tough competition to Snapchat is a matter of time.

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