Know more about Snapchat-live free text chat app with chat groups

The competition in the application world is quite tough and stiff. Everyday there are numerous

apps developed and launched. Making a mark in the apps world, with so many competitors is not an easy task. There are very few apps in the world that creates a buzz in a short time span of their launch, but the one who does, takes the whole internet and application world with surprise. That is what Snapchat did, since its launch in 2011. Since it has been launched, it has not looked back, and has constantly gained popularity.
Live Free Text Chat App With Chat GroupsLive Free Text Chat App With Chat Groups

Features of Snapchat:

This app had amazing features in it. During the time when this was launched, there were either

messaging apps available or social networking apps available. This app was one of the one that

could do more. It could help one in connecting with their friends and at the same time helped

them in sharing pictures and videos. However, the feature that made Snapchat widely popular

was its ability to send pictures. Sending pictures to your friend and family was a completely new

concept that this app introduced. Everyone knew that pictures speak better than words and thus

was widely used. The app was also designed in that way that it should catch the eye of users.

Apart from this, feature that the sent snap will get deleted after a set time, was another great

feature that got this app so many users. With the sent snap being deleted, there was no problem

of utilizing phone’s memory.

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