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Snapchat- The Fastest Growing Mobile App

Snapchat is the fastest growing apps among the smart phone apps of the world. It has increased

its popularity in a very short period and its popularity is increasing day by day. Snapchat is a

photo sharing app which allows its users to share pictures, messages, snapchat videos. The

objects those shared in the app are called the snaps. For sharing a snap you have to select

duration of 1 to 10 seconds for your snap. The receiver can view the snap only for this selected

time, after this time the snap will be disappeared automatically from the app. This is a very

attracting feature of the snapchat app.

Using of Snapchat

Through the snapchat app one can share any pictures he/ she want to share with friends. You

can share your nice images and videos and messages there. You can make a good

communication with your friends and special one by continuing a photo messaging with that

person. Some people share some funny or emotional videos with their friends through this app.

But the app is mainly used for sharing pictures. The app allows everybody to share their any

pictures, even the explicit images also are allowed. Some snapchat videos those are containing

adult materials, are shared by the users through this snapchat app.

Popularity of Snapchat

Some reports say that the main users of the app are the teenage boys and girls. The United States

teens, aged between 13 to 17 years, are involved in this app, the most. Some news reveals that

the half of the total snapchat users is the teenage boys and girls. They spend their most of the

time in this app. The teenagers or under age boys and girls often share their love pictures,

intimate images and even the explicit videos with their close friends of snapchat. They do not

know about the future of those pictures because those pictures often hacked by the hackers and

they spread those pictures and videos in various websites; they do such work for money or

momentary pleasure or for some other purpose.

Misuse of Snapchat

The hackers are insisted by those adult pictures. They are succeeded in hacking the phone

numbers, private information, and millions of explicit images and videos of the users. Even there

are celebrities in the list of those hackers. The users get shocked when they see their private

images and videos in some other websites. They face various problems for that. Even there are

some third party apps those allows the users to take screenshots from the snapchat app, and by

using those third party apps some users also able to take the screenshots of any picture they

want, and thus the snapchat leak is being happened.

Snapchat is offering a verity of services to its users. The users can be updated by the new

advertise and news service of the app. The app now launches a new service; one can share voice

messages through this app. So, the app is offering all the opportunities to its users and for that the

users get more interest in this app automatically.

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