Monetization of Snapchat with its unique video sharing feature-like my wears females

The story of Snapchat is like that of tech-start ups like Facebook and Twitter. They started out

as revenue-free business models and later snowballed into something mammoth and spectacular.

Started out by Stanford graduates, Snapchat’s USP lies in the temporality of its contents. With

Snapchat, anybody can send quirky contents, doodled selifes, texts and videos to their friends,

and within 10 seconds that will be deleted.
Like My Wears FemalesLike My Wears Females – the complementary of Snapchat

The beauty of Snapchat lies with its free services, so does the strong point of A free, fun online social platform where the users of Snapchat can

download their images from Snapchat account, upload it in and share it

friends uninhibitedly- is the perfect virtual companion with its offerings and

revenue model.

Video sharing- the feature that attracts advertisers

In 2012, for the first time, Snapchat introduced the video sharing option that took the digital

space by storm. Like the contents of Snapchat, the videos also disappear within 10 seconds. As

the co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel had commented repeatedly that the idea of Snapchat

is sharing cool, spontaneous moments with friends that won’t leave its presence for ever in the

virtual space, and the video sharing option is the extension of that.

Also recently Snapchat has also introduced Snapchat Stories- a striking feature that let the user

make a video and send it to friends, and let the receivers see the video for 24 hours and after

that it gets deleted. 10 seconds to 24 hours- is a giant leap and the leap that many consider, the

catchiest and monetization- friendly characteristic of Snapchat.

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