like my tattoo -snapchat tattoo design idea for iphones 5 or ipad 2 free app-Snapchat Sexting in Ridgewood High School in Norridge

Snapchat is the most popular picture sharing app. The app is getting more popularity day by day.

But the users are taking the advantage of its picture sharing feature. Millions of users share their

nude pictures with friends through this social networking app. There are many minors who use

this app, and those explicit objects could be harmful for those minors. Previously we have seen

many cases of Snapchat adultery. And all those cases are very much dangerous, regarding

sexting. Now another such incident has been happened in Ridgewood High School in Norridge.

A case of sexting has been found in this school. And this was happened between the school

students. 2 girls are charged for sharing the nude pictures of themselves with the other students.

Police have taken the case.

What did actually happen in Ridgewood High School?

Police have taken the case. And they are doing the investigation. Police have called 25 students

for the investigation. They have interviewed all those 25 students, and have known many things

about this sexting in this school. And at last they have marked 4 students, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Those 4 students have been charged for this case. A 15 year old student shared the naked

photography of herself with her school friends. And some other students also shared this picture

with many of their friends. And there were many minors among the receivers. The other girl of

17 years also shared her nude pictures with the school friends. And many minors also received

this explicit picture from some of the students. Police have disclosed many things about the case

but not the all. This incident has affected the locality of the school. The parents are also worried

about the future of their children.

like my tattoo -snapchat tattoo design idea for iphones 5 or ipad 2 free app
like my tattoo -snapchat tattoo design idea for iphones 5 or ipad 2 free app

Bad use of Snapchat

Snapchat is a picture sharing app. And for that the popularity of this app is getting increased day

by day. But some users are taking this app for misuse. They are haring explicit picture, nude

Snapchat video and many more private objects. Some also share their intimate love pictures

and videos. But this is not the purpose of this app. mainly the young users are engage in this app.

The teens and the school going boys and girls are sharing such explicit objects with their friends.

And for that the hacklers are getting more chance to hack the private snaps from this app.

Technology has given us a lot. Even the school children also know to use Snapchat. And they are

more engage in sharing the adult contents in Snapchat. The case of Ridgewood High School have

shown clearly the misuse of this app. This case of sexting has stirred the society very much.

Police say that the investigation is on the middle way. There are many more to know yet. Police

have identified those two girls who have shared the naked pictures of themselves. And those four

students have charged in Cook County’s juvenile court. They have advised to use this app

carefully, and not to share explicit objects.

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