Snapchat Photo Leak Website Shuts Down-like my face has been closed down after notoriously uploading the Snapchat user’s

photos and videos online on its network servers. This website was set up with an intention

of hosting the thousands of picture and videos taken from the highly popular disappearing

photos and videos mobile application.

On visiting the website now the viewers are greeted with a message which says ‘The website

has been shut down for good intentions. Thank You.” This website was earlier getting huge

web traffic of around five million page views each day.

Who Is The Founder Of This Website?

A 19 year old teenager and a popular Reddit user Mudit Grover has admitted being the

administrator of The Snapping and has even confirmed the taking off the website from the

internet. The founder of The Snappening had stated that “Neither I am the only one nor

the first one to make a website about that. My purpose was that people should see how

vulnerable hosting private information on cloud can be, I do not intend anything wrong”.

The founder of this website has claimed to shut down the website with its very best

intentions. Some speculators states that the Snapchat was actively monitoring and attempting

to take down the site as well as any similar websites which is hosting its leaked private

Sex Face

The Idea behind

This main idea behind building this website was to present the leaked private images taken on

Snapchat in a unique and visually appealing way for its users. This website has essentially

taken the advantage of the data leaked by the which has served as the illegal

add-on for the Snapchat. website was hacked by the hackers a few days and

they succeeded in robbing it of 500MB of Snapchat user data. Later this treasure trove of

picture and videos were released at various websites independently by different people.

The Damage Done By the Independent Websites

It is being believed that nearly 100,000 explicit images have been sent through the

Snapchat were uploaded on the internet at the weekend. The independent websites like and The Pirate Bay were the flag bearer for the notorious uploads of the

intimate pictures of the Snapchat users.

Who Is Responsible For Photo Leak?

It should be noted that the Snapchat is not responsible for the any such leaks over the

internet. Earlier an add-on application firm called had admitted that it has

been source for the Snapchat leaked images.

Snapchat has even released a public statement stating that the Snapchat users has been

a victim of the third-party apps which was used essentially to send and receive Snaps.

Snapchat Terms of Use prohibits any such kind of practice as it can seriously compromise its

user’s security. It also declared that it vigilantly monitors the App Store and Google Play for

any illegal third-party apps and even succeeded in getting dozens of such apps removed. The

damage done by the third party add-ons are irreversible but it would make Snapchat users

more cautious about using any such add-on in the future.

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