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Some of the top social networking app like facebook is also not different. But in recent

years, another app named SnapChat has also entered the market with a bang. The main

advantages of the app are its simple working, the quick sending of images and videos, and

various other features like video chat, texting, etc. The developers were also smart enough as

they put a feature by which the snaps will be self destructed or get deleted after the specified

time expires. It is useful as the pictures may not be appropriate and may also create some

controversies. So, it shows the app is also safe.
Like My Chair Cash Only Man No Money No HoneyLike My Chair Cash Only Man No Money No Honey

The new version: Banquo

The app had upgraded to its version 5.0 Banquo in June 2013. The upgraded features of the

version were first available on iOS and then the features were made available for Android

users also in July that year. The new version included some of the best features with the

facility of swipe navigation between your camera, inbox and your friends. The new way of

finding the users and adding new friends is also awesome. The camera panel has improved

and the swipe navigation technique also allows simple navigation without so many clicks.

There is also a double tap feature which takes you back to the camera panel from the inbox

with a simple double tap. The images will also be automatically be uploaded after clicking

them (a confirmation pop-up still comes to ensure completely).

On a whole, the new modifications are absolutely awesome. The up gradations made by

SnapChat in the past were also useful. They will surely be the top social networking app if

they continue making such up gradations.

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