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Snapchat’s is looking forward to provide news updates with advertisement and

Snapchat is one of the renowned apps of the generation and its main popularity is seen among

the youth of the present generation. But what is Snapchat? It is a social media app that is

capable of transferring the photos, videos and instant messages and its latest inclusion into the

primary feature list is the transferring ability of voice messages as well. Apart from updating its

primary feature Snapchat is an app which also visualizes the upgradation of secondary features.

One of its recent upgradation of secondary feature came with the discovery app which is said to

provide news, movie trailers and advertisements as well.

Though Snap chat has made its way into the world of paid advertisement a few days back, with

the telecast of the movie trailer of a recently released Hollywood movie. But the recent inclusion

to the secondary feature came with the spark of providing the news updates on the go.

News importance

Snap chat is presently having users count of roughly 8 billion or more, but critics have claimed

this to be one of the used app from inappropriate grounds. In such a context the inclusion of the

news to the secondary features list of the app might be one of the most significant steps by the

authority of the app. It is said that at least a dozen of media giants are in talks with the company.

News might be one of the most desired inclusions to the pile of features of the user in the social

media circuit. And getting that all important news updates in one of the premier social media app

like Snapchat is just a bonus for the users. This will allow the social media users to get a taste of

the news on the go as well.

Apart from news

Discovery of Snapchat is one of the most unique features of the app that is in talks, which will

include news. But apart from news it will also have a dose of entertainment with the movie

trailers and advertisement, which will keep the users updated. Advertisement is a part of the

modern trendy lifestyle which may relate people with the recent brand of products, offers and lot


Along advertisement and news the third section that got its name registered in this segment of

secondary features is entertainment. This entertainment can be a trailer of a movie or even small

funny video, the only criteria is that the people to be entertained. These can also update people

with the recent happenings. Entertainment above all is a form of recreation, and will be able to

entertain people and make the mood of the people light while socializing also.

To sum up


News, entertainment and advertisement are an unknown bunch of to the users of the social

media, which Snap chat is looking to unite. Snapchat is an innovative app and such a prospect

is also maintained with the upgradation of secondary features list of the features list of the app.

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