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Snapchat’s Security Review by Electronic Frontier Foundation

After a few months of its inception, Snapchat surpassed the popularity of other social

networking apps. It soon captured the teenage market by providing then the opportunity to

display their imagination and creativity. The app Snapchat allowed the provision of depicting

one’s creativity by editing the photos before sending them to the recipients. Snapchat came into

the forefront in the world of social networking apps because of its unique feature of the app.

The photos and videos sent through the app are self destructive in nature which gets deleted

within a maximum time limit of ten seconds. Although initially it was believed that the photos

and videos shared through the app get deleted forever, the leak of the photos gave rise to various


The reason of Snapchat leak

Earlier this year, the leak of the photos of Snapchat gave rise to multiple speculations

throughout the world. Critics all over the world claimed that either the servers of Snapchat were

hacked or the so-called self destructible photos can be revived somehow. The rise o speculations

about the leak of the millions of Snapchat pics created quite a buzz. The officials of Snapchat

defended themselves by saying that the hacking was not because of the hack of their servers;

rather they blamed the leak on the users who used third party apps to send and receive the photos

and the videos.

Snapchat and Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF security starts a security test with several messaging apps.

They are more concerned with the principles and the features of the individual company. They

try to confirm a strict security for the users. And for that EFF is taking security test of various

messaging app, and for doing this test they are dealing with several questions with the apps. If

they are satisfied with the rules and principles of the apps, the EFF will certify those apps as a

secure app. So, the app companies like Snapchat are trying to pass the review of EFF.

Snapchat’s security system

The security system of the Snapchat app is very week. The hackers are often succeeded in

hacking the server of the app, and for that the snapchat leak is being happened. Many users get

their privacy disclosed in front of the world. The hackers are taking the private information and

private snaps contained explicit pictures of the users’. And they spread those intimate pictures,

snapchat videos, phone numbers and more private documents in various web sites. The users get

shocked when they watch their private snaps in some other sites. Snapchat hackers even

disclosed nude and intimate pictures of some celebrities.

The users are feared about the snapchat leak. There are some third party apps also in various

site, those apps allow its users to take screenshots of the snaps. But this thing is prohibited by

Snapchat. The users who take this app in an ill purpose, they take screenshots of the explicit

objects and spread those objects in the internet for money or for some other purpose. So., the

Snapchat app is no more a safe app for the users.

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