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Snapchat is a photo-sharing iOS app which on one hand connects millions of lives, and on the

other hand, has gained considerable notoriety about being a vehicle of sexting.

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Lets Play Football Man Candy MondayLets Play Football Man Candy Monday

What Evan Spiegel has to say?

Right from the beginning, Evan Spiegel- then Stanford graduate who co-founded Snapchat had

been denying the blame about Snapchat being racy. He made it very clear on several occasions

that the true aim of launching Snapchat is giving users a chance to capture and share their

beautiful and spontaneous moments for a short time-period, thus leaving any scope of later-


Also a recent study by University of Washington showed that 60% users primarily send funny

contents through Snapchat. Selfie is the second most-shared item while only 1.6% admitted to

send ‘sexts’ on various points of time but not regularly.


Each platform of social media has the risks of going awry if one uses it with twists mindset. But

that doesn’t give us any right to condemn a beautiful technical innovation like Snapchat that

fulfills the need of being both mobile and social.

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