The controversies as well as the good sides of SnapChat-Leo-wby

A trend in the world of chatting including media sharing

In this world, there are a lot of apps which are providing the users the service to share the photos with

world as well as to chat with their friends and do a lot of functions. The top app among them is SnapChat.

It has brought a revolution in the world of picture sharing.



Some of the controversies

The controversies of the app include them for misguiding the public about deleting the photos after the

time gets expired. The photos actually do not get deleted and they are hidden which can also be retrieved

by the minimal technical knowledge. Once the company came into the headlines and there was also

a rumor that the government is able to view the information on any user without special permission.

Anyways the company denied the access of the data to anyone without permission.

There were also many complains about the spam regarding the weight loss and lucky winners. Apart from

them, the report of many surveys which state the huge number of nude alone pictures, videos and explicit

content being sent to the users. These are really a drawback and the teens should be staying away from

such things.


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