The Latest Wonder Of The Sanpchat App World by leanne enfield

Snapchat the latest photo and video sending app has made everyone its addict right from teens to

the middle aged. This app allows the user to send photos and videos within a fraction of second.

The photos once viewed get automatically deleted from the recipient’s device which saves it

from being used for some wrong activities. The Snapchat Company keeps on updating its

version’s so that the users do not get easily bored from this fun app. The users of this app have a

right to set a time limit of viewing the sent items for the recipient’s after the expiry of the time

limit the snaps get deleted from the server’s website and cannot be retrieved.

However being a social media app of the 21st has its own cause and concern’s. The company’s

claim that the snaps get deleted after viewing or after the expiry of the time limit was proven to

be false by a leading press release company. The claims of both parties were inspected and it

was found that the photos can be retrieved with the use of proper forensic tools. As a result the

company had to pay a heavy amount as security breach and faces a privacy monitoring for a

period of 20 years. Not only this Snapchat also faces some serious issues like transferring of

vulgar content which is known as “sexting” , with a few majority of people admitting to have

used Snapchat for sexting.

What is sexting?

Sexting is a form of texting in which the users such as the sender and the receiver exchange texts

related to sexual things. This sexting usually involves sending of videos like the sex videos,

pornographic videos, nude pictures and all such derogatory content. Sometimes these content are

send for fun amongst a group and sometimes for insulting some other peer.

Snapchat Picture Gallery:

Apart from giving the users the facility of sending their own personal photos and videos to the

recipient’s or the friend’s from the contact list. Snapchat also provides the users the facility of

sending pictures in the form of sticker’s. With hundreds of similes sticker’s Snapchat has a

collection of stickers that can depict almost all of human expression. Right starting from birthday

and anniversary stickers this app has love stickers, broken heart sticker’s, to love confession,

breakup, patchup, and apology making to fun making stickers. This sticker app can help you

express your love, anguish, pain, sorrow, frustration, and all other emotions that you can imagine

or you feel.

Apart from this sticker feature Snapchat also provides an interesting feature known as the

“clipart”. This clipart feature allows you to edit your own snaps and make it look funny or

interesting. You can add frames or can delete all unwanted things from your snaps to make it

look picture perfect. This feature also enables you to make a slideshow of your personal

memories and you can either save it in your local storage device, or can forward it your friends

for their viewing.

Snapchat also has a section for its adult users which contains pornographic videos, nude pictures,

and other sex related items. This item does not have any security feature and can be viewed even

by the minor users. Which makes it a moral issue.

So what’s the waiting for download the app and let’s get started.

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