Snapchat established age gate upon by lazellaryan

Targeting advertisements upon the DOB of the users is a small but very significant step that is

taken by Snapchat and they have taken it quite seriously as they believe they have a moral

responsibility towards the society for being one of the most viewed advertising platform for the

renowned brands and brands who are seeking popularity. At the beginning, the company charged

$750,000 for one-day advertisement into their platform and after that they introduced 2-cent per-

view advertisements that exist within Discover, a segment where the publishers such as the Daily

Mail and Cosmopolitan push out content everyday and the publishers can purchase space against

it. It proves that Evan Spiegel does not want to leave a single scope of attracting the advertisers

towards his app. Almost 200 million users daily view almost 2 billion videos and greater part of

the users are under 21.
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Bud Light, the first alcohol brand that is selling ads into Snapchat

Bud Light is the first alcohol brand that is being advertised through Snapchat and the

administrative of the app have already established an age-bar to keep the advertisement away

from the under 21 audiences, hence it is apparent that this ad will get lesser exposure in

comparison to the other brands that were promoted earlier through the app. And it will be unable

to reach that level of popularity which the previous brands have acquired. But it is also true that,

alcohol brands have earlier strived to get exposure into the social media and other digital media

due to the age restrictions and regulations. Hence there is a good opportunity that Bud Light will

walk into a hornet’s shell by easily attaining presence on an app that is basically made up of

youngsters of this decade, despite its establishments of the age gate.

Mixed reaction is coming regarding the advertisement

But Josh Golin is upset with this ad campaign of Snapchat. He is the associate director of

Commercial-Free Childhood, a campaign that is operated with national alliance works to

safeguard the kids from the impact of harmful marketing. As per his statement, Snapchat knows

it well that most of the users of their app is below 18 and in such situation it is a reprehensible

decision of Snapchat to allow an alcohol brand to sell advertisements in their site. Snapchat

should stay as an alcohol advertisement free zone. On the other hand the app and the marketers

are looking forward to see whether the Bud Light campaign opens up the entrance for the other

alcohol brands on Snapchat or not.

Now when Snapchat holds almost 200 million users, including the Geotagged Our Story and

Discover feature, it is really hard to keep track of the entire ongoing activities. Hence

Photoworld has generated an infographic that helps the users to visualize thousands snaps that

are shared in each second. If you do not want to miss a single activity then you are advised to

download this app and the app is substantiated by Snapchat.

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