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The Snapchat App and its Young Users

Snapchat is a popular photo messaging app, used mainly for sharing pictures, messages, and

videos with the friends of this snapchat app. The objects shared in the snapchat app are called

the snaps. The users have to select a time of 1 to 10 seconds for a snap; the receiver will be

allowed to view the objects only for this period. After this selected period the snap will be

disappeared automatically from the device of the user. But the users are often sharing their love

pictures, intimate videos, and nude videos. And those often causes the snapchat leak, the

hackers are disclosing the privacy of the users.

The users of Snapchat

The popularity of the snapchat app is increasing day by day. Now the total users of this app in

the world are 27 million, which were 14 million in the previous year. A report says that the half

of the total snapchat users is the teen age boys and girls of 12 to 25 years but there is some

exception too. The boys and girls of the United States are very much engaged in this app, they

spend a lot of time in this app. Those young aged users sometime misuse this app too. They are

sharing their intimate pictures; intimate snapchat video, images etc. and the hackers are

insisted by those adult objects. The users are surprised to watch their private objects in some

other websites, those images and explicit snapchat videos which they once shared with their

friends in snapchat app, now appears in some other websites; those are disclosed to the whole

world. They face many problems for this.

Snapchat pictures leaked

The hackers who leak the Snapchat objects have threatened again for leaking a lot of snaps. In

The Fappening the private pictures of many celebrities have been disclosed. Many reports say

that this time it can be more dangerous, they can also disclose almost 200,000 images, including

private pictures of the celebrities also. The Snapchat authority says that the server of the app

was not hacked; some users are taking the pictures by the cheating apps. Some sources claim

that the snapchat server has been hacked because of the week internal security system of the app.

For this the snapchat leak has been increasing. There are many users who even take screenshots

of the pictures and spreading. The users are not getting the app a safe one anymore, it has now

become a risky app.

One should use this app with more responsible. They should not forget the purpose of the app; it

was created as a social networking app, for sharing emotions by pictures, videos and messages.

The users should keep that in mind; otherwise they will face so many problems like snapchat

leak. You have to choose a friend very carefully because there are many users who are taking

screenshots of their friends’ nude pictures and spreading it for money, momentary pleasure or

for some other purpose. So, use this app with responsibility to get protected from snapchat leak.

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