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When Snapchat introduced in market in 2011, the general prediction was- this small start-up

with ephemeral content wouldn’t last long in the big ocean of social networking sites. Three

years down the line and Snapchat is only becoming better and bigger with each passing day.

With the constant update with its cool features, Snapchat is now a desirable brand in the market

with an enviable user-base, and thus lurks the secret of Snapchat being in the talks with big

names in the media and entertainment industry.

Why Snapchat can be the biggest potential social media platform to invest with?

With the introduction of Snapchat, the biggest façade about Facebook fell off and that is the

younger generation was beginning to feel more and more disappointed with Mark Zuckerbeg’s

creation. The bones of contention for them were– a) Facebook was full of family members and

relatives and it was pretty embarrassing for a youngster when he or she knew that the parents

were constantly monitoring his/her profile and b) the 13-17 age group learned it in the hard

way that, whatever contents they had uploaded in the internet, it was impossible to delete them

completely. In this glum scenario for generation-next, when Snapchat offered it’s ephemeral

photos that will delete within ten seconds once the receiver views it, no wonder that this social

media start up with humble background became thee ‘apple of the eye’ for teenagers world-wide.

It’s an easy assumption that teenagers of today are the buyers of tomorrow. On the other hand,

Snapchat with its cult status among the users also has transformed into a viable avenue for iconic

brands to put their money and efforts into it. And Snapchat Discovery, followed by Snapchat ads

sealed the deal.

It all began with Snapchat ads

In July 2014, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel declared in a tech summit in San Francisco that from

now on, Snapchat will fully concentrate on raising funds, chasing advertisers as it’s dreaming big

to become an independent business conglomerate. Recently Snapchat has released its first-ever

ad and that is the trailer of a movie called ‘Ouija’. Already brands like GE, Taco Bell, and Coca-
Cola in its stride as advertisers, Snapchat ads prepared the ground of hunting for big brands.

Snapchat Discovery- the melting point where all the brands are coming gradually

Snapchat Discovery blends traditional media companies with new-age social media start-ups to

churn out constant flow of news articles, music and videos produced by the same companies.

While on one hand, the Snapchat Discovery will incorporate videos made by Comedy Central

and NatGeo; on the other hand, there shall be text and audio contents created by established

publish houses such as Hearst and Time Inc. as well as young tech companies like Buzzfeed and


Though it’s still unclear that when Snapchat Discovery will be unveiled to users, with the influx

of news that big brands are tying up with Snapchat to dish out content under the soon-to-be-
featured section, there is no denial that Snapchat is the ‘toast of the town’ in tech world right


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