There are various types of photos and video sharing applications available in this modern world.

Among them Snapchat is the top one. The main reason of achieving the top position by this famous

photos and video sharing application is that it feels like socializing which is foot print free.

Unlike the other applications here the photos and videos sent by the users reach to the

recipients and stay there for a specific period of time set up by the sender of these photos and videos

commonly known as Snaps. In this application the sender of Snaps can avail the opportunity to fix

the time limit of making their Snaps live to the recipients after viewing them. This time span varies

from 1 to 10 seconds. Although this security measure helps to prevent those Snaps from misuse, it

is possible to recover and capture those snaps.

History of Snapchat:

In July 2011 this famous application Snapchat was lunched first under the name of Picaboo and

later this name changed and named as Snapchat. This application was first developed for the iOS

platforms only which is further modified later for the android systems also. It runs on Apple iPhone,

android phones, iPad, android tablets and iPod touch. In this application a lot of changes done from

the typical traditional social site to increase the security of the Snaps transferred from the senders to

the receiver. In the traditional social sites the snaps sent by the users can stay around forever which

is the cause of worry to the persons about their reputation and self presentation. But there are no

such worries for the Snapchat users.

User group of Snapchat:

The popularity of this application is not restricted to the adult users only in the today’s world. It is

also open for the children of the age group of thirteen only. But there are some rules and

restrictions. When the user download the application it will automatically ask the user about the

date of birth. Then after online verification of the given date of birth if the system finds that the user

is under the age of thirteen the main application will not start and it will be redirected to the kid

version popular as SnapKidz. The main restriction in this version is that the user cannot add friends

for sharing videos or photos. The snaps taken by the users can only be stored on their own devices


Snapchat: Good or Bad:

One of the burning questions of the present age is that whether the Snapchat does well to the society

or becomes harmful to them. The fact is that like all other applications it also has both the effects on

the society. It is very good that the snaps shared on this application disappear after a certain period

of time which minimises the chance for a person to feel anxiety of losing his reputation. On the

other hand the snaps send by the users can be recovered to another device beyond the knowledge of

the sender. This could raise the possibility of the embarrassment for the persons involved in the

snaps. On the contrary, this recovery could be used as the evidence against any mishap to the

persons involved in the snaps, done intentionally by anyone.

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