Snapchat Sexting – the latest fun app by kine

Snapchat is a video sending app that was founded by Evan Speigel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie

Brownie the then Stanford University students. It helps to send pictures, videos, text and other

messages to a list of members on the contact list. Apart from the fact that Snapchat has been used

or is being used for these primary functions the fact that Snapcaht is used for other extraordinary

uses cannot be ruled out. Snapchat is extensively used for what nowadays is called as “Sexting”.
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There have been a few eyebrows raised about the fact that Snapchat is used for sending sexually

explicit images or nude photographs. As a large number of Snapchat users are still below the age

of eighteen, question about the technical facilitation has always been raised. The Snapchat

developers have always explained that the application is not sexting friendly and they themselves

do not encourage any of these sexting facilities. And to give them a bit of peace of mind, a

magazine in its February 2013 market research reports published that people use MMS facility

for sexting rather than using Snapchat for the specific purpose. Sexting with the help of Snapchat

have become a wide known occurrence in the United States. In dating applications, Snapchat

have made their features more users friendly and appealing to use. In order to dethrone Snapchat

from the most used sexting application a well known firm known as Tinder came up with its own

application. Unlike the Snapchat feature were the time limit is 10seconds per photo and videos

Tinder gives the advantage to the users to view pictures explicitly for a number of times within

24 hours before disappearing.

Child Psychologist Dr Michael Carr- Gregg stated that due to the advancement of internet

facilities children are starting to lose their innocence from an early age. As a study published that

children below the age of 13 are using Snapchat for sending and receiving sexual pictures of

themselves and their friends. Child psychologist also stated that parents are nowadays very

casual about the sexting thing and have increased the T.V hours and the internet hours. In Mid

Devon, police state that it is now extremely common for people to use Snapchat for Sexting

purposes. According to the police reports sexting in Snapchat is a common thing and youngsters

are taking it as medium for flirting and entertainment purposes. Police believe that sexting

explicitly on Snapchat is not safe as the disappeared snaps could be captured and reappear in

places where the user’s least expect. This ultimately leads to bigger problems.

On November 14, 2013, police Laval, Quebec, Canada, arrested a group of 10boys aged between

13-15 years on child pornography charges. These boys were charged for capturing and sharing

explicitly nude pictures of teenage girls as screenshot. Screenshot are when people take a picture

of the Snapshot on the screen. Snapchat enables a photo to be viewed only for a limited period of

time but does not deter the idea of taking screenshots from the Snapchat.

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