Kimmy_toy-Snapchat is more popular among women

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing companies of the tech industry, few years ago it has

started its journey as a social media app. And maybe even the developers had not ever expected

that the company will once touch the highest level of success. Their popularity is the key factor

of their success; they have been successful to drag the attraction of the young generation and

drove them towards installing the app into their device. Once the device is installed the users are

enchanted by its unique features. And the list of the features is not short like other existing

instant messaging apps.

Success statistics of Snapchat

They have been considered as one of the most convenient way of communication and made its

position among the mainstream app and even the biggest communication firm that means

Facebook offered it $3 billion, but reportedly that offer was refused. As the developer Evan was

sure of the fact by the end of the year Snapchat would itself made record which would make the

world surprised. And eventually his prediction turned out to be true and his intelligence and hard

work had brought color to his success and the whole tech world has witnessed the fact. Nearly

100 million active users are now involved with the app that explores a new world of advertising.

Advertiser have showed interest to reach to their potential customers through the app. Roughly

70 % of the users are women and per day 400 million snaps are sent and received through the

app that implies it is a strong medium of advertising women oriented products.
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What can be the reason that mostly women are showing inclination towards the app?

The app has started its journey from September 2011, and roughly 3 years have passed and in

between this small span of journey they have crowned as the most popular app of the

communication world. A study has explored the fact that 70% of its users are women, as per the

view of the experts the women rely upon this app compared to other communicative apps due to

its feature. No matter what you share will be disappeared after the predetermined time and no

matter how much someone try those pictures cannot be regained back. And even the app will

also notify you if someone tries to save your picture by taking a screenshot of the image. Hence

it can be said that from every aspect the app is safe and secure. The women can send any sort of

images and videos without any hesitation as they are aware of the fact that those images or

videos will not be saved and there will be no evidence.

As per the latest report nearly 12% of the sent snaps are being shared with multiple users every

day and moreover 71% users of the app are under 25 that clearly implies that the app is the

source of real fun and there is something interesting which has strong captivating power.

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